Our Approach


Sustainably fulfilling the demand of growing economies and populations for food and chemicals.

Our Solution

MBP Titan’s Methane Bioconversion Platform (MBP) is designed to offer an environmentally-friendly solution compared to traditional petroleum-based processes routed to produce chemicals and animal feed. We’re applying fermentation with enhanced microbes to deliver these products. The MBP production method has the potential to more economically transform the generation of drop-in fuels, synthetic rubber, specialty chemicals and plastic materials. The biomass from our microbes can be used as a nutritious, high protein ingredient in animal feed.


MBP Titan’s Methane Bioconversion Platform is designed to turn natural gas into more valuable and usable energy, chemical and protein products via microbial fermentation.

Step 1

Instead of expensive sugar-based feedstocks, we start with clean, abundant and low-cost natural gas. This avoids using land needed for food production.

Step 2

Using proprietary genetic-engineering techniques, we tailor naturally occurring biochemical pathways of a methanotroph, an organism that can use methane as its sole source of energy and carbon.

Step 3

Oxygen is combined with methane, and the methanotrophs produce high-quality animal feed and valuable high-purity chemical intermediates and energy blendstocks.

Step 4

Use of renewable energy to operate the facility, combined with recovery and sequestration of by-product carbon dioxide results in production of best-in-class products that would otherwise require petroleum refining.

The overall process results in high-efficiency conversion of low-cost feedstock to valuable products at best-cost economics.