Combining biosciences and chemistry with engineering to bring innovative and advantaged green solutions to some of the planet’s most pressing challenges

Welcome to MBP Titan

Imagine having the power to transform clean natural gas supplies into cost efficient and environmentally friendly products for the chemical and animal feed industries that address some of the world’s most challenging problems. That’s our mission at MBP Titan.

Cutting-edge Technology

We’re working toward the future of high efficiency conversion of plentiful natural gas to valuable products at best-cost economics through our Methane Bioconversion Platform (MBP).

At MBP Titan we have leveraged the latest advances in genetic sciences and environmental and process engineering to create technologies to cost-effectively produce valuable green and sustainable products that enhance our daily lives.

It starts with the use of precisely engineered, naturally occurring organisms called methanotrophs. Methanotrophs are simple single-cell organisms that have existed on our planet since nearly the dawn of time.

Sometimes called methanophiles because of their love of methane, these simple biological organisms consume methane to support their own reproduction via cellular chemical reactions that have naturally evolved over billions of years.

Methanotrophs are ubiquitous. They occur naturally in our wetlands, soils, oceans and lakes and play an important role in the reduction of greenhouse gases by converting methane into protein. MBP Titan harnesses this natural biology and transforms it into an economic solution to address key climate and energy challenges.

A bold claim perhaps, but that boldness is underpinned by a recognition that to solve some of the world’s most intractable problems, we need bold and innovative approaches. Innovation is pervasive in all we do, innovation underpinned by sound science.

And importantly it’s a scientific approach that recognizes the most innovative solutions come from an integration across the disciplines. Connecting biology to chemistry with cutting-edge genetics and traditional engineering. That’s the power of MBP Titan.

Our solutions target some of the world’s most pressing problems:

Sustainably providing the chemical building blocks for important consumer products:

  • Growth in the demand for chemicals is driven by applications that make modern life possible. IHS Markit estimates this industry’s growth will average 1.2-1.3x global GDP.
  • MBP Titan is committed to servicing the demand for consumer applications with technologies that provide materials for indispensable products with the world’s most sustainable footprint.
  • Carbon-neutral footprint (or better) through capture and sequestration of CO2, the use of green power and using carbon offsets

  • Employing a highly integrated energy efficient design

  • Minimizing water footprint through recycle and reuse
  • Safe and reliable operation

  • Using sustainable construction & design strategies

Efficiently feeding the world’s growing population.

  • According to the United Nations, the world’s population will reach nearly 10 billion by 2050. Meanwhile the World Bank predicts the amount of arable land available will be reduced by more than half as populations grow and increased wealth drives higher demand for protein.
  • Using clean natural gas with a carbon-neutral footprint (or better) to simultaneously provide high-quality animal feed and chemical building blocks is a key feature of the Titan technology.